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Discografia - New Order

Movement (1981)
Hits: Dreams Never End, Truth, Senses, Chosen Time, I C B, The Him, Doubts Even, Here, Denial.

Power, Corruption and Lies (1983)
Hits: Age of Consent, We All Stand, The Village, 5 8 6, Blue Monday, Your Silent Face, Ultraviolence, Ecstasy, Leave Me Alone, The Beach

Low Life (1985)
Hits: Love Vigilantes, The Perfect Kiss, This Time Of Night, Sunrise, Elegia, Sooner Than You Think, Subculture, Face-up

Brotherhood (1986)
Hits: Paradise, Weirdo, As It Is When It Was, Broken Promise, Way Of Life, Bizarre Love Triangle, All Day Long, Angel Dust, Every Little Counts

Substance (1987)
Hits: Ceremony, Everything´s Gone Green, Temptation, Blue Monday, Confusion, Thieves Like Us, The Perfect Kiss, Subculture, Shellshock, State Of The Nation, Bizarre Love Triangle, True Faith, In A Lonely Place, Procession, Mesh, Hurt, The Beach, Confusion Instrumental, Lonesome Tonight, Murder, Thieves Like Us Instrumental, Kiss Of Death, Shame Of The Nation, 1963

Technique (1989)
Fine Time, All The Way, Loveless, Round & Round, Guilty Partner, Run, Mr. Disco, Vanishing Point, Dream Attack

Republic (1993)
Hits: Regret, World, Ruined In A Day, Spooky, Everyone Everywhere, Young Offender, Liar, Chemical, Times Change, Special, Avalanche, Regret (Sabres Slow´n´Low), Regret (Sabres Fast´n´Throb)

Get Ready (2001)
Hits: True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle ´94, 1963, Regret, Fine Time, Vanishing Point, Shellshock, The Perfect Kiss, Thieves Like Us, Run, Round & Round ´94, World, Ruined In A Day, Touched By The Hand Of God, Blue Monday ´88, World In Motion

Waiting for the Siren´s Call (2005)
Hits: Who´s Joe?, Hey Now What You Doing, Waiting for the Sirens´ Call, Krafty, I Told You So, Morning Night and Day, Dracula´s Castle, Jetstream, Guilt is a Useless, Emotion, Turn, Working Overtime

Atualizado em 6 Set 2011.

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